The world of food is a constantly evolving universe and, for those who want to live it, it is essential to be always updated on the latest news and the events not to be missed. Because food is not only nourishment but also history and tradition, social factor, fashion and of course research or innovation. And at the same time there are many issues related to food, which must be taken into consideration to have a 360 ° knowledge: agriculture, chemistry, medicine, technology, sustainability, just to give some examples.


Real-time news and appointments with the protagonists of the kitchen

Given these premises, it is therefore very important to be able to promptly intercept the most relevant news from the most authoritative sources. CiBi has been doing it day after day for 6 years now. Over time we have established a network of contacts and relationships that allow us to know the news and trends in the sector in real time, as well as being present at the appointments with the great protagonists of the kitchen. The result of our constant work is a vast and diversified selection of articles ranging from the most current topics: from the main Italian and international events dedicated to gourmets to the consequences of climate change for our land, passing the agri-food exchange agreements or the theme of the moment, the connections between blockchain and food.


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