The Covid-19 is and continues to be a really devastating plague. We have previously dealt with a series of problem related to the emergency we are experiencing, before from masks to the new systems for shopping following all the dictates that the legislation imposes to us.





Yet not everything that happened caused pain and destruction. We believe that it has been a good time for many reflections on our relationship with others, but not only. Some reflections invest first of all ourselves, who we are and where we would like to “go” once all this is over. I mean it is a time of opportunity.


To improve, in the first place. We want to focus today on this opportunity that, in the culinary field, becomes an opportunity to raise the quality of all catering made in Italy. Thanks to Molino Vigevano, it was possible to bring together all Italian pizza makers for an interesting online training course lasting six weeks and providing an incredible know-how matured in 80 years of honored activity.


The course entitled “Sow Your Future – Six Lessons to Start Together” offers an in-depth analysis of all the crucial aspects of running a pizzeria business. Raw materials, tax news, food cost review and room management: these are some of the topics of these very intense lessons.


And it doesn’t end there. The virus will change our lives even once it’s over and it will change it especially for the restaurants. For this reason, a special study will be dedicated to the management of the delivery service (growing economic sector, but with wide room for improvement in Italy) and how to access the aids that the Italian Government has allocated to entrepreneurs with a view to restart.


An opportunity for anyone who runs a growing pizzeria, with the hope that once the emergency is over we could also enjoy the improvements that this course has produced. In the meantime, let us also feel inspired by this desire for positive change because everything will be fine, especially if we can spread some of this spirit.


Gabriele Gatti





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