Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!

Julia Child


We agree with the recommendation of the famous American cook: learning to juggle the stove means above all having fun and for this reason we decided to name this section A COOKING SCHOOL. It is no coincidence that we quoted a phrase from the character who for over 30 years taught Americans haute cuisine pills. Here, in fact, many useful ideas, professional advice, addresses of training centers and much more await you, to help you improve your culinary knowledge.


A great virtual cooking school

Whether you are a beginner, or already an expert, or simply curious to find out some news, you will find the right inspiration in the contents that we have selected for you, as in a great virtual cooking school. For example, you can learn the secret to making the perfect jam at home. Or, our texts on Chinese cuisine could make you decide to finally indulge your passion for the East by enrolling in an ad hoc course. Or even if you live abroad and cultivate the dream of opening a bar or restaurant of Italian specialties, on CiBi you can find all the necessary information.

These of course are only small samples of what you can find in the next articles, we do not reveal more to you so as not to spoil the pleasure of scrolling through our rich menu. We only give you one last piece of advice: don’t get demoralized if some preparation will seem complex, don’t get tired of trying, because you learn a lot from mistakes. In fact, we challenge you, write to us at and tell us about your culinary failures: your stories will be precious to help us offer you more and more useful ideas!

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