There are very complex and extremely useful jobs for the community that are carried out “in the shadows”, that is, without the vast majority of people knowing the state of the art or imagining the efforts and objectives. These are silent professions, whose eventual notoriety, extemporaneous, comes in retrospect: the day on which, after years of studies and experiments, a particular intuition, discovery, invention determines the change of our life habits. We are talking about that vast world of professions that moves in the heterogeneous field of research, innovation and technology transfer. Professions towards which we at least feel a kind of unconditional gratitude. Gratitude that pushed us, obviously limiting ourselves to the agri-food sector, to build this section.

After years of intense collaborations with many researchers, teachers, departments and research centers of the Italian agri-food sector, which have allowed us to learn about studies, projects, inventions as fascinating as useful, we decided to try to act as a sounding board, try to make accessible to all research works that with effort, competence and creativity carry on our numerous scholars and researchers, obtaining, among other things, often important international awards.


In this section we therefore host researchers and research ranging from agriculture to aquaculture, from food chemistry to food safety, from nutraceuticals to zootechnics and we assure you that there is nothing difficult to understand but a lot of fascinating. We have discovered in recent years that melannurca lowers cholesterol and makes hair grow back, that tomatoes grown near the sea are naturally salted, that we may soon be able to grow on Mars, that coffee pasta is not bad and is good for you, that insect-based flours are highly protein-based, that smelling food without eating it makes you fat and many other things that we hope you will want to read.