Every sector of the economy begins to look to the resumption of activities as if it were the biblical godsend. Not knowing the exact date of when this will happen, companies face various issues concerning their current status (economic and not) and the measures to be put in place to return efficient and productive. The Agri-food area is one of the most affected sectors in terms of “guarantees safety”.





It must necessarily ensure the productive activity of every sector of the supply chain and at the same time, without damaging its operational continuity, it introduces methods and procedures that can guarantee the level of safety for the required personnel, that is, compliance with the space-distance rules that we all know well.


The key word is to speed up. This acceleration concerns above all the strengthening of innovation processes in order to ensure more reliable and efficient all production capacity. The Observatory Smart Agrifood a qualified reference point on Digital Innovation Italy, in the agri-food sector, which integrates research, communication and continuous updating activities, will present on Thursday the results of its research on the theme of digital innovation in the sector.


On this occasion, the themes of the supply chain traceability, the developments related to the Italian markets of Agriculture 4.0 and the various areas in which the digital innovation becomes concrete. The event will be an opportunity to compare  all the main players in the market and with the leading representatives of the Italian agri-food sector in the production and in the distribution.


Digital gives the agri-food industry new perspectives. It becomes the most relevant solution to solve production and distribution problems, to increase the product and process safety, to defend the made in Italy. Finally, an innovation will be  observed in every area of the supply chain in order to combine field and table.


We leave you with “an appetizer” of the themes on which Smart Agrifood will focus: robotics, artificial intelligence, e-commerce.

Regarding innovation front, in fact, the agri-food has invested in this. Robots and artificial intelligence for a value of 7% for each of the two items;and e-commerce, with the intention of paying special attention to quality, sustainability, traceability and logistics.


In short, Agriculture 4.0 means having a confident look to the future. We definitely need it.


Gabriele Gatti





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