CiBi is not just a site dedicated to nutrition, but a real window on the many and different aspects of “eating well and healthy”. We have chosen to facilitate navigation by ordering our contents in 11 categories in which to rummage searching for the topic that best suits you.

Every day you will find new articles that will tell you a little bit more about that varied and intriguing universe represented by the food world.

So, you will discover many quality products and where to buy them or the places to taste them. Or you can learn tantalizing recipes, learn new techniques and be inspired by the latest trends, just as if you were in a large virtual cooking school. And more, you will have the possibility to be always updated on the most useful Apps, blogs and platforms to cook better, easier and faster.

If you want, you can enjoy reading the reviews of the most beautiful books and films dedicated to the pleasure of being in the kitchen and tasting delicacies. And obviously, you will always be informed on the latest news and appointments that those who love food cannot miss. Lastly, you will always know which are the most recent discoveries in terms of nutrition and health and which experts to turn to.

So we hope you can satisfy your curiosity about the latest steps taken by research in Italy in the agri-food sector. And, why not, you can smile with our shrewd anecdotes and our delicious food culture pills.

We have the ambition of being able to provide you with the tools for you to form your own independent judgment on the kitchen theme. Because  exaggerations, inaccuracies and fake news abound.  For this reason we also ask for your help: do you think you have discovered “a food hoax”? Report it to us, we will be happy to investigate for you and answer your doubts!


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