The all-Italian peculiarity of talking about food continuously allows you not to be amazed at the amount of books published on the subject. They range from texts dedicated to the culinary art, which lead us to discover recipes of any nature and complexity and futuristic cooking tools, to works dedicated to well-being and proper nutrition, to beautiful essays on the history of food, to colorful volumes that tell the art of bartending, to books that tell the discoveries and experiments of researchers in the agri-food sector or of the much-named 2.0 farmers: innovative production processes, unpublished crops both in terms of infrastructure (hydroponic or aquaculture) and products (micro-plants , algae …), futuristic breeding (insects), creation of functional foods in the laboratory that are as particular from a gustatory point of view (in some cases) as they are beneficial to health.


The field is very vast and the books are plentiful and, as often happens, when the possibilities are many, the choice is not easy: on the same shelves of the bookstores there are in fact volumes of serious and prepared writers as of improvised authors and it is important to know how move. Here, also in light of the many themed volumes that we have read in these years of work, we thought it could be useful and interesting to provide a section of the site in which to collect and review them: these are volumes by Italian authors, as foreigners, both essays that novels, generally paper-based but occasionally also in e-book version, which from our point of view deserve, if you are interested in food, a reading.

It is a work-in-progress because we will not stop our work of reading and cataloging here, and because we would be very pleased to involve you in the construction of these pages of the site, asking you for suggestions of titles that in your way of seeing are missing, or even your reviews, if you would like to publish them.