Italo Calvino said that “writing is always hiding something in order to be discovered later”. It is basically the recap of our work, a never-ending research for words, which everyday find achieved form, thanks to many and various ways to propose them to you: our magazine is just one of the many channels of expression, and of the many activities, of our editorial staff. Today, we are very happy to introduce something new: Apulian’s agri-food heritage, (Patrimonio agroalimentare pugliese) a book written by our Marta Pietroboni and commissioned by the Regional Council of Apulia.




Thanks to many years studying and observing  the Italian agri-food landscape, and many collaborations with Apulia, such as the University of Bari or Dispensa Tipici, from Salento km0 to the Region, we put together all the information that we have absorbed and discovered, and we tried to unveil secrets, anecdotes, research, projects, news, goodies.


Reading this book you will find a confirmation of the extraordinariness of Apulia, from an agricultural point of view.

You will see that Puglia is not only turnip tops orecchiette, it is much more, it is vermouth, excellent wines and products really tasty. You will be fascinated by this incredible region as we have been.

It’s our first book and it would be a privilege for our editorial staff bringing you to find out what this is all about. Clearly, waiting for the next one…



Editorial Staff




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