Where do you buy what you eat? What attention do you pay? Do you often find yourself intrigued by new food and wine products? The choice in Italy is truly varied, and the quality is certainly high; but then, how to choose well?


In this section we will try to tell you carefully the flavors and characteristics of known and traditional foods, as well as innovative products or products that have recently arrived on our market, with the desire to push you to choose the quality (paying the right amount, because it is possible) and taste the news to enrich eating habits and diets which, as everyone knows by now, the more varied they are, the more they do well.

In doing so, we will also advise you from which manufacturers, on which platforms, and in which shops to buy what, based on our direct experience.


For example, do you know that typically tropical fruits are grown in a region of Sicily, including delicious avocados that can be easily ordered online? Or have you ever had the curiosity to try game meat and don’t know where to find it? Low in fat but very rich in iron, it is healthier than farmed meat that we all normally consume (and with the same quality much cheaper). On a platform born in Emilia-Romagna you will find everything you want.

And is wheat grass part of your diet? Algae? The exquisite aglione and pepper crusco lucano? Are you celiac and still struggle to satisfy all your needs and all your desires? Foreigners and can’t find your basic ingredients? Will you want to buy taking into account the seasons and the origin of the products, to eat better on the one hand and on the other support the agricultural activity of our territories?


The section, like all the others, is under continuous construction. Whenever we discover some interesting products or points of sale, we will share them with you and at the same time we will ask you to help us. Like? Contacting us when you try something unsuccessfully, to receive advice, or whenever you make some gastronomic discovery that is worth sharing.