Famous culinary inventions or fast and simple dishes, of the Italian tradition but keeping a watchful eye on habits and news from all corners of the world: welcome to the RECIPES section of CiBi.

If it is true that nutrition is an essential part of our life and affects our health, it is equally undeniable that “food” rhymes with “taste”. So, why not enjoy experimenting and trying new recipes with us?

We have selected some of the most interesting and for all tastes, preparing some of them together with the chefs, pastry chefs and restaurateurs we interviewed.

Some examples? The sauces of Daniel Canzian, one of the last pupils of Gualtiero Marchesi, the recipes made by Terry and Toni Sàrcina of the famous High School in Milan, which – for example – revealed the history and preparation of the real Neapolitan Easter stew.

But, beyond the recipes and the attention to be paid in the preparations, the success of a dish also depends on the tools used.

For this reason, with the objectivity that distinguishes CiBi, we went in search of really functional and precious tools and appliances, the must-haves that every kitchen enthusiast should have. Like the steam fryer, to avoid the typical unpleasant odors and the high intake of calories typical of fried foods.

A useful section also from an information point of view; did you know, for example, that there are at least eight types of pans, each made with a specific material and characteristics, which make it suitable for one preparation rather than another?

But now it’s your turn! Send us your recipes (even better if accompanied by a few photos) or advice and reviews on a kitchen tool that you consider particularly efficient.

Write to and take part with us in this large and virtual recipe book. The most interesting reports will be published on our website and on social channels!