Here is how the marriage of individual creativity and memories of popular traditions gives rise to a perfect recipe… We have already been cooking at Libero’s home, who is our brilliant illustrator; today it is very difficult to find a non-professional cook with equal competence and passion. The kitchen, overlooking a vegetable garden, is as beautiful as organized and suggestive as the amount of culinary books scattered around the house. Today Libero offers us a very personal recipe: a ossobuco of which you will not discard anything, because the bone is… Delicious!




Foto di D. Vittimberga



For the Osso Buco

– two beef sirloin steak

– one potato

– two generous butter nuts

– four anchovies

– a bunch of aromatic herbs

– rice flour for breading

For the sauce:

– 1 shallot

–60 grams of butter of which 20 grams diced, to be used frozen

– about 300 grams of tomato sauce

– a glass of red wine

For the gremolada:

– a head of garlic

– a bunch of parsley



Cut the shallot, put it in a saucepan and cook it over low in the butter, until it is reduced to a jam, gradually adding the glass of red wine. Then add the tomato sauce and emulsify it with 20 grams of frozen diced butter.






Foto di D. Vittimberga



Cut out from the potato two circular longs little higher than the slices of meat; then, with a lever, dig a tunnel in the center of each long. Once we have been obtained the fake bones, they should be browned in butter. Then melt a knob of butter in a saucepan-over a low heat- and then add the two potato cubes, cooking them for about 20 minutes, over medium heat. At this point whisk together the second knob of butter and the 4 anchovies, in order to obtain an ointment – the fake marrow – with which, at the end of cooking, will be to fill the tunnels dug in the center of the logs will be filled.





Foto di D. Vittimberga



You just have to make a hole in each steak, in which to lodge the logs, flour everything and brown in a pan, adding butter and the bunch of herbs, for 5/6 minutes. Once the meat has been cooked, the potato tunnels should be filled with anchovy paste.





Foto di D. Vittimberga



Finally, you have to make the gremolada: chopping together garlic, lemon zest and parsley.

Do not throw away the leftover meat: chop it, make two meatballs, pass them into oregano and brown them.





Foto di D. Vittimberga



Libero also suggests how to plate up: in a large dish put in the center the fake ossobuco, on the sides two tablespoons of sauce, in the top the gremolada and in the lower part the meatball.


Marta Pietroboni




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