With the advent of technology and especially social media, the world of work has changed a lot too. In fact, new professions, that we have never heard before such as the social media manager or the digital marketer, were born on the Italian and non-Italian employment scenario.





Other people, on the other hand, have simply turned their passion for food, photography and storytelling into a job. This is the case of food bloggers, or all those people who in various ways (some simply personal) decide to tell about culinary experiences, dishes or places that have affected them, personal achievements through a blog (a sort of online diary) or through social media (mostly the Instagram platform).


Beyond any possible controversy related to their earnings (we would say absolutely useless), it is necessary to dwell on the fact that, as with other types of work, even food bloggers also needed an entity that in some way advised and protected them. So in 2016 was born the Italian Food Blogger Association (AIFB) a non-profit association created by a group of bloggers and at the service of bloggers.


For their own statement, the Association aims “to raise awareness of the role of food bloggers in the field of agri-food communication, through knowledge, the enhancement, the promotion and the protection of our precious cultural heritage”.


For this reason the Association offers a series of initiatives such as educational visits, workshops, targeted events, courses, opportunities for interaction with trade associations and interaction with other Italian and foreign food bloggers, but above all gatherings. The most important events of the association thus allow the associates to know the realities and excellences of the peninsula.


To conclude, it is an interesting activity promoted by the AIFB that aims to recognize the food blogger as a qualified and fundamental working figure within the world of communication today, where social media are almost the master.


Gabriele Gatti




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