In these recent days we have talked about the difficulties, restrictions and behaviors that the health emergency has produced in the lives of each of us. The essential element that has been altered is the distance, in all senses: interpersonal distance, but also physical distance. There are some risks involved in getting to a place. Think, for example, of what is happening to a daily gesture such as shopping.



We have seen desperate assaults on supermarkets of people who have been intimidated by the (unreal) possibility of a closing this essential service. Much more simply, we live endless rows in front of any supermarket of the large distribution to avoid gatherings.

Even in this revolutionized area of our life the solutions have been many. From the recovery of the importance of stores in the neighbourhood to the increase (up to saturation) of the use of all those applications that allow you to book your ownexpense from home to have it delivered on the doorstep, everyone thought to solve the problem of how to combine compliance with current rules and personal needs.


The market works perfectly: when a need arises, a solution is found. But here we see some of the most recent and intriguing solutions.



We are located in the northwest of Milan at the Special Village of Cascina Merlata, a modern and technological residential complex of 397 apartments and 900 residents. Each of them has to face with the problem of spending, so FRESCOFRIGO was born. This Italian start-up has collaborated with Laserwall in the realization of the first retail system of 1 square meters, open 24/7, smart and above all proximity.





Five refrigerators have been installed, constantly supplied with all essential products and at the same price as you can find them in supermarkets.


The Condos can view products from the large front window, unlock and open the fridge through dedicated mobile app, choose the products they need and conclude the purchase simply by closing the fridge door. The system will detect the transaction and charge the customer the cost of the chosen products, on the payment system entered on the app at the time of the registration (digital ticket restaurant, credit card, etc.).


This platform was created with the aim of being the meeting point between those who cannot leave home to shop, the neighborhood stores and those who offer to make home deliveries. It was born out of a chat of friends who exchanged information about stores in the area open for shopping and it has become an opportunity to help the most fragile people.


The idea has made possible to recover the value of neighborhood stores, but also the human value of being helpful to others. In fact, the application that allows its use requires a free registration and no money transaction through the portal. Each shopkeeper enters his typology of products, its own location and a telephone number in order to be contacted. The contact between supply and demand is entirely left to the users of the portal.


Municipalities are equipping themselves to provide the list of open shops, in order to be supportive to all those who will benefit the service.




Then let us all look at these initiatives that look to the common good, stay at home and we will spend distant but united.


Gabriele Gatti




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