One of the most well-known roosters in the world is the Black Rooster of the very famous Chianti Classico wine, whose geographical production area was indicated by Cosimo III de ‘Medici in 1716. Then Mussolini in 1932 enlarged it by tracing a circle on the geographical map. Hence the distinction between Chianti Classico, which brings together over 500 members, and Chianti, which brings together 2,000, capable of spreading the breathtaking image of the Chianti Hills together, a short mountain range of about 20 km between the provinces of Florence , Siena and Arezzo.



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The characteristic climate and the particular terrain of this area allow the production of a high quality wine. Such fame could not escape many counterfeiters, who try to reproduce it with scams perpetrated all over the world. Scams that affect not only the external appearance of the bottles but also the designations of origin and content. Browsing among the innumerable traps set by the network (there are many websites containing the reference to the name Chianti), you can find the Chianti with cranberry or, at the cost of a few tens of euros, the so-called “wine kits”, chemical preparations in powder form to be diluted with water from which “magically” home-made Chianti is obtained at 1 euro per bottle and ready to drink a few days after preparation.


And if this horrifies in Italy, foreigners on the contrary seem enthusiastic.


The evocative power of the Chianti brand also explains its effects not only on the counterfeiting of the product itself but also on what revolves around its world: in fact, it goes from the large seizures of Chianti altered with the addition of alcohol to the falsification of the brand affixed to gadgets different. The seizure of thousands of T-shirts, aprons and magnets with the fake Black Rooster is recent.


The United States is mainly active in this trade, where the phenomenon of Italian sounding is strongly present; no less enterprising are the United Kingdom, the main market for the notorious wine kits, and China, where, however, the consortium-operated protection function was highly successful.


But in these days the fate of the Rooster seems destined to be fought “in the family”, because the news of the birth of the Chianti Grand Selection 2 was opposed to the Chianti Classico holder of the Gran Selezione … therefore stormy winds. Moreover, the history of the two Gauls in the chicken coop has long been known.


The hope is that the counterfeiters will not enjoy too much between the two litigants.


Daniela Mainini




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