CiBi was created to answer consumers’ questions, doubts and curiosities. We don’t take a position in advance for one thesis or another, listening to all the bells and reporting all the points of view.

We talk about nutrition. We eat 3 to 5 times a day (and drink even more) and yet we are often unsure: what I put on the plate, or in the glass, is it safe and healthy? Is it useful to read product labels? And waste, does it make sense to go crazy to divide one thing from another?

CiBi will compare different opinions on many different topics, consulting the most reliable sources (agronomists, chemists, nutritionists…) but also talking to those who experience it ‘on the field’, taking care of shopping, cooking, eating and drinking.

We pay attention to those who fill our plate: farmers, breeders, restaurateurs…. Many operators manage to achieve very high level results, despite the many difficulties of these difficult times. Direct sales, from producer to consumer, are beneficial for both.

The project is demanding. We use two tools: the free paper magazine, and the website www.cibiexpo.it.

Potete contarci: faremo un buon lavoro.


Official acknowledgments: in these years we have obtained the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, of the Expo Company, the official assignment as the communication body of the Expo 2015 Scientific Committee, South Agricultural Park, Anti-counterfeiting Study Center

 And one award in the 2014, the “Tecnovisionarie” award, for the medium category.


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