Nowdays the work is at the bar, with the innovative e-workafé formula. The distinctions between leisure and the working world are less and less clear in e-workafés, it is a new model of agency of work: explains Paolo Ferrario, President and CEO of e-work. It is a project which was born as a startup in 2016 and inspired by the North-European model of coffee as a meeting place, but also a place to work, to respond to the need for greater interaction with young people and companies.





While the role of the agency for the job has always been that one of the “meeting facilitator” between opportunities and skills, today however it is necessary to be even closer to the people in their path, proving itself to be accessible: through e-workafé we create this relationship and offer an extra door to enter the world of work, with different times from those of the office, smart and pleasant environments , spaces to study or to work.



Satisfied with the results achieved?


In just over 3 years we have opened 10 points throughout Italy and we are enriching the offer with other proposals. Every new opening is always truly welcomed, especially by young people, our target audience: this response is for us the first of the results.


Just thinking of those who are now entering the labour market, we are paying great attention to the Horeca sector (acronym for Hotellerie, Restaurant, Café), an area in continuous growth, in terms of numbers and quality. The professional figures required are many, from the room attendants to the Chef de Rang (professional waiter of the room).


The ‘rango’ is a section of the room that hosts customers, up to the Sushi Man, but the most popular activity is the formation of such profiles. For this reason, e-work is proposing itself as a partner of companies for the management of human resources in all stages of the process : research, guidance, vocational training and job placement.




Work as a tool of social inclusion: does it agree with this idea?


Sure! The social affirmation of a person passes more and more from his professional realization, especially if they are subjects with difficulties. For this reason, the Pino Cova Foundation was founded in Milan, an offshoot our Group in memory of the Founding Member, which deals with providing free professional training courses for young people with disabilities or marginalized, accompanying them with tutors and psychologists up – and even beyond – the inclusion. We try, in our small way, to combine our skills with the social.


Anna Francioni




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