Films are a pleasure, those dedicated to food, except perhaps the category of “documentaries of denunciation”, we could say that they are a super pleasure: relaxing, attractive, sometimes useful, they can distract us, conquering our eyes and, in a virtual way, our palate. Obviously not all of them are quality, though. So, we decided to give life to this section and try to make a selection of films that we think are interesting to offer. Food protagonist but in different forms, comedies and documentaries, in our opinion all stimulating from a cinematographic point of view and therefore not designed only for a “specialized” audience. We have tried to collect feature films from different countries and therefore different cultures, and according to the same logic (that of suggesting heterogeneous films with reasons of originality) we have selected them with reference to a broad time span: we started from the 60s to get to the present day.


We have collected well-known films that have contributed to writing the history of cinema, films that are difficult to trace, simple shots of culinary experiences, complex films for which food is nothing more than a narrative component, traditional feature films, animated films. Our work is obviously not complete; we continue to watch films – many are coming out on the food theme – and to add titles to the selection, but we also need you. We would like to know which of those suggested by us you already knew, which ones you liked, which you would have expected to find and have not found, which ones you think absolutely must be and instead they are missing. Whatever advice, request, or question you have on the topic of “films dedicated to food”, write to us, we will be delighted to listen to you or to host your review in this section