Like any field in which human activity occurs, gastronomy undergoes changes, transformations and discoveries. Cooking is the kingdom in which discovery can immediately become practical. A place of recovery and resonance of distant traditions, in time and in space, and therefore an opportunity to spread “foreign” knowledge in your own country: this is the case of the Staj noodle bar.





The Staj was born out of the idea of two young guys from Naples, the chef Lucio Paciello and the entrepreneur Rosario del Priore. Both fascinated by the East and the opportunity to give an international breath to their own restaurant. The mission of their restaurant is clear: to invite to “stay” and “linger” in a culinary experience that goes from East to West.


Following one of the food trends of the moment, in their menu they added, kimchi and kombucha typical Korean dishes. The Kimchi is a “familiar” dish, in the true sense of the word. In fact, Korean moms cook this unique dish for their family. The technique for its preparation focuses on fermentation. They are put to ferment in the napa cabbage (or Chinese cabbage), spices and chilli, spring onions and garlic. A slow preparation, which respects the times of each product and permeates the dish of taste. Without forgetting the important nutritional properties that this dish possesses, as far as vitamin C and carotene.


The Kombucha, on the other hand, is a fermented and softened tea, which has inside a solid mass, that takes the name of “kombucha culture”. According to the oldest reports of this drink – dating back to the Chinese dynasty Qin (250 BC) – this tea is able to rebalance the digestive system, allowing the organism to focus on its own care. The Kombucha tea contains sugar, caffeine and a very low percentage of alcohol (just 0.5%). It is a drink that is served before the dessert and it is possible to decline it in different preparations, thanks to the properties that this drink possesses.


Two elements that are good for the palate and our body, and from which we can be fascinated.


Gabriele Gatti




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