From Nocera Umbra here there is an explanation of the value of an all italian specialty, sometimes a little underestimated. The first evidence of the Jordan almonds (once almonds covered with a glaze of honey and flour) is dated 404 BC; the modern dates back to the introduction in Italy of refined sugar occurred around the fifteen century.





It is an essential element for many ceremonies and in recent years it has been the object of experimentation and innovations, so much to push Pierluigi Pizzone and Myriam Giovannini to develop a tasting journey through the multiple varieties and interpretations of artisanal confectionery. Pierluigi and Myriam live in Nocera Umbra and people call them “the Jordan Almonds Sommelier”.



What brought you closer to the world of Jordan Almonds?


Our intention was to provide a choice of quality Jordan almonds. We soon realized how the industrial market had understimate what we consider to be the one of the most important Italian sweets, consumed in the significant moments of life.

In our opinion, there was a lack of good information that valued them and we decided to develop a tasting experience, mainly designed for weddings (where they can find the most natural environment), in which guests are guided to the tasting of traditional and artisanal Jordan almonds. Through the tasting we have the opportunity to explain not only the taste sensations and the quality of its different variations but also its value



And woe to those who bite it…

Originally it was like this: depending on its delicacy it was preferable to let it melt in the mouth. Then the techniques have evolved and today theoverview is very varied; some sugared almonds even have the hard sugar cover replaced with a light layer of powdered sugar or chocolate. For some variety the bite is even recommended!



Around these there is a market of several tens of millions of euros a year, for thousands of tons of production. The Jordan almonds however, survives only in the celebrations, without a ‘secularization’ that also takes it into everyday life


In fact, until today there has never been the perception of high-quality artisanal Jordan almonds, which instead allows you to taste raw materials of excellence in a dance of flavors and a balance of tastes never tried before. For this reason we decided to create the figure of the Sommelier of the Jordan Almonds, to tell a different approach.



Are there any quality certifications in the context of the Jordan Almonds?

The raw materials can be certified, but there is not yet a mark of excellence for the confectionery itself; we hope that this will change.


Alessandro Caviglione




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