Twelve 2-hour meals, 24 hours in all, each time for twelve protagonists and a master of ceremonies, live, in a long convivial table; to taste the products of the territory, in the frame of a vineyard with the background of the hills of Langhe Roero and Monferrato, Unesco heritage, on the occasion of the 89th International Alba White Truffle Fair. The sliced ​​truffle was a must for the three dishes proposed – appetizer, first and second – in addition to the dessert. Let’s talk about the Penultimate Supper – The Langhe Supper, Anotherview initiative, designed by Marco Tabasso, Tatiana Uzlova and Robert Andriessen.





“The view we enjoy from the window is one of the most important elements of every home, it influences our perception of the outside world”. It is the basic idea of ​​Anotherview, a project born between art and interior design: a collection of “digital nomadic windows”, each of which tells a day of the life of a different place in the world, with an integral view of 24 hours and with original sound. In contrast to our fast moving reality, Anotherview invites the viewer to take a deep breath and enjoy the passage of time with the thousands of small life stories that happen during the 24 hours, to have a different perception of time and space from the perspective of your own home. Each panorama is then installed inside a window that reproduces the appearance of the one from which the view was recorded. Having one on a wall gives a brief alienating feeling, but at the same time it updates the past.


Guests from the artistic, cultural and gastronomic world took part in the Penultimate Dinner together with typical Piedmontese characters, such as truffle hunters, members of the confraternity of the Hazelnut of the Langhe, but also star chefs such as Davide Oldani , who presented “XFETTA”, an innovative tool for laminating the truffle, Maurilio Garola (1 Michelin star) and chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani of the restaurant Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia (2 Michelin stars). A calendar full of appointments to closely observe, smell, touch and taste the elements of Piedmontese culture through tastings, sensorial experiences and workshops. Nothing could be more appropriate for the purposes of the 89th International Alba White Truffle Fair which this year celebrated the perfect balance that combines tradition and innovation



An artist table and virtual windows


The wooden table on which the plates were brought is a work of art, built directly between the vineyards by the Italian-Swedish artist and architect Duilio Forte. Graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, he founded AtelierFORTE in 1998. His work is inspired by imaginary, extinct animals and Scandinavian mythology through the ArkiZoic rule, which he himself invented and articulated in seven points among which we mention: put your soul in your works; use the math and geometry of nature; give space to chance, error and the unfinished; use traditional materials and shapes.





Anotherview’s windows have already been exhibited in important international fairs such as Jingart in Beijing, Art Basel / DesignMiami in Basel and Miami, Salone del Mobile in Milan and PAD in London. Each window can be controlled through an exclusive application, designed by Anotherview Collective and associated with a secret code reserved for each customer. The application allows you to change the time during the 24 hours of the recorded day or to choose to have the same time as where we are.   Sabrina Zannier, journalist and critic in the field of contemporary art, is the curator of this Penultimate Dinner and other stories. From January the October shoot will be ready, namely 12 meals (1 meal every two hours) for 13 people.   From this idea of ​​preserving and storing places that could, due to climate change, get lost, the project “Once we were there” was born: a collection of views recorded by existing homes that overlook these panoramas that who knows if they will see the new century.


Giovanni Romano


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