We all use a lot of idioms while chatting, but often we don’t stop trying to recover their origin. Many of these, at least in Italy, refer to food: ways of producing it, opportunities to consume it and much more. Our entire culture is, in fact, imbued with the history of food and eating habits.
Etiquette itself has distant roots and the forms it imposes and which today may seem incomprehensible are closely linked to needs once dictated by particular living conditions and in general practical principles of utility and therefore knowing it can prove to be a form of knowledge of our culture. Food is culture and a lot of culture and anecdotes go around it. That’s why we thought about building this section. To collect, in fact, and make it easy to read a series of anecdotes, short stories, translations of ways of saying that through food take us back in time and into our beautiful material culture. We are the first to be amazed by the origin of some commonly used expressions, by the millennial history of some foods, by bizarre curiosities and the reproposing to you we hope will have the same effect. A big hand to the construction of this section has given us and gives us Toni Sàrcina, journalist and food historian, director of the Center of Enogastronomic Culture Altopalato who has worked with us for years, endowed with a culture, a passion and a memory on the subject, which we almost never have to resort to other sources. However, if your curiosity is stimulated to the point of wanting it – books, links, magazines, films – do not hesitate to ask us (or consult our dedicated sections of the site): we will certainly try to answer you and guide you. And in the same way, write to us if you were very interested in discovering something particular or telling us something curious.